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Motor Function Measure (MFM) is a quantitative scale that makes it possible to measure the functional motor abilities of a person affected by a neuromuscular disease.

Whatever the diagnosis and the extent of motor deficiencies, MFM allows us to :

  • specify the symptomatology and the evolution of neuromuscular diseasespréciser
  • objectivize the repercussion of the therapeutic measures
  • direct the rehabilitation and adaptation measures
  • facilitate communication between the various persons in charge of care
  • select homogeneous groups of patients in view of therapeutic trials

MFM is to date the only validated and published function measurement scale usable in the majority of neuromuscular diseases, among patients from 6 to 60 years old  Read article

The MFM study group continues its research work and validates in 2010 a shorter version of the scale, the MFM-20 suitable for children aged 7 years. Since the MFM-32, MFM-20 is validated for most neuromuscular diseases.

Training to the MFM completion is essential to maintain a good intra and inter-individual reproducibility for all items. Self training DVD are available, or training sessions could be organzized if required in French or English.Consult the training sessions page for mor information, or contact the MFM training staff at: formation.afehm.escale@gmail.com.

During international meetings, members of the MFM steering committee inform the international scientific community about the interest of the MFM for the monitoring of neuromuscular patients and its use in clinical research. To date, several studies underway use the MFM as outcome measure.

To facilitate the internationnal dissemination of MFM, a "MFM flyer" is distributed during congress. You can download this flyer MFM in different languages using the following links:
 (flyer MFM French) (flyer MFM English) (flyer MFM Spanish) (flyerMFM Japanese)

Since 2007, a MFM database is freely avaliable via Internet.
This database enables practitioners, therapists or physicians, to collect and consult data from their patients. This database is of interest to patients and clinicians, by saving, protecting and making accessible to the various teams involved in the patient’s treatment over time follow-up data from patients.

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