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MFM is a scientifically validated tool, free and available to all. It comprises 32 items. A physiotherapist or a doctor administers the MFM to the patient during 30 to 50 minutes in total. To administer the test it is imperative to use the "MFM user's manual". In addition the MFM scoring sheet  facilitates the traceability of the scores awarded and the calculation of MFM scores.

MFM requires the active participation of the patient who must be able to understand the instructions to pass the items. The necessary equipment, specified in the user's manual, is usually found in a physiotherapy room. Some objects must be made available such as a tennis ball, coins, a CD…

Example of item n°11

  Starting position : Place the subject on the mat in a seated position with the lower limbs stretched out in front of him. Do not use the wide examination table. A subject who cannot sit without a corset obtains a score of 0.
  Ask the subject : to stand up without upper limb support if possible.
  Scoring instructions : For a score of 1, the piece of equipment used, table or chair, should be adapted to the subject's height. For a score of 2, the subject is not allowed to lean on the piece of equipment. For a score of 3, once in standing position, the subject is allowed to use a support. In order to stand up, all intermediate positions between the seated and standing positions are allowed.

cannot stand up
stands up with upper limb support on a piece of equipment
stands up with upper limb support on the mat and/or on himself,
stands up without upper limb support

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